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Would you be my friend?

Name: Amanda

Email: aridge2011@hotmail.com

Age: 34

Gender: female

Location: USA

Occupation: practice administrator for a physician's group <3 my job

Relationship Status: Engaged..planning to wed on Aug 12, 2012

A little about me: I am a workaholic, a friend, a mother, a fiance, a daughter. I love life and live every day to the fullest. I take care of my mother full time and as challenging as it can be I enjoy every minute I have with her. I am a very compassionate person and love the simple things in life.

Main Interests:

General: coffee and tea lover, vintage finds are my fetish, I love yard sales, thrift sales and of course rummaging through estate sales. I love seeing new places and doing things randomly, one day I hope to travel to France..this is a huge dream for me. I use to pen pal but due to work and my mother's illnesses I stopped doing so much pen palling and crafting. I am slowly starting to get back into both. I love being creative and scrap booking/making cards is my love. I love the holidays and having parties for my daughter and her friends...I do still wish she was five years old but she is now 14.

Music: I love all kinds of music from country to rock.

Books: I haven't read a good book in a LONG time, I hope to pick up my former hobby soon. Any suggestions on good thriller books?

Pen Pal Information:

How many pen pals do you have?: Only one at the moment. :)

How many do you want?: About six.

Do you want email pals?: No only snail mail pals.

Do you want snail-mail pen pals?: Yes..

How long does it take you to reply to a letter?: It just depends..at the most two weeks. I am sure it won't take that long as I am excited about making new friendships.

What gender would you like your pen pal to be? female

Age?: over 18

Long letters? It doesn't matter to me as long as you are passionate with your writing..I do love long letters but I know there are times friends are only able to drop a few lines to their pen pals to let them know what is going on. :)

Where would you like them to be from? Everywhere..ps especially France. <3

Please send me an email for my address..can't wait to meet you! :)
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