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Name: Emma
Age: 18
Location: Surrey, England
Favorite Color: Blue all the way :)
Favorite Scents: Vanilla, Coffee, Lavender, White Musk,
Favorite Music: Nine Inch Nails, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Adam Ant, Prodigy, Movie Soundtracks, CCR,
Favorite Literature:
Favorite thing to do on a boring day: Sink myself into writing in my journal, listening to my music - especially lovely if its pouring with rain outside...
Favorite TV show/movie: Supernatural for TVSHOW; Terminator 2/Total Recall for movie...but I have lots of favourite movies
Favorite Things: (ie. animals, anime, books, etc) animal: wolf...book: After Midnight by Richard Laymon, I DO like Pokemon (don't judge!), F
Your Idol/Inspiration: Adam Ant, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Partridge, Misha Collins, Dean Koontz/Richard Laymon(got me into writing), John Barrowman
What you'd love to recieve: Whatever you can...
What you'd love to give: Whatever I can...
Things to know about you: I am very random, and very open about things - you would find out a lot of my deepest secrets proberly along the way, I am very obsessive about actors and such (not in a stalker way...just in a 'cant stop talking about them and making fanart' way...love to write, read and love, I am lonely, despite having friends...rawr.
Do you want to also be penpals? YES! :D
Will you ship oversees? Hmm yes, but only when I can afford it...
Contact: emmamunday241@hotmail.com or comment on here...
Any other comments: love you <3
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