PrincessB (babygirl_ambi) wrote in creativemail,

Serious about friends

Name: Amber


Location: Tennessee (USA)

Favorite Color: blue, green

Favorite Scents: strawberry, blackberry, daffodil, lilac

Favorite Music: country, Christian, Love

Favorite Literature: Dean Koontz, Mary Higgans Clark, mysteries

Favorite thing to do on a boring day: read, craft

Favorite TV show/movie: Law and Order: SVU, Cold Case

Favorite Things: Tiger, Wolf, Dragon, board or card games

Your Idol/Inspiration: My Dad

What you'd love to receive: letters, packages, crafts, anything, mail is fun to get, lets be friends and make each others day

What you'd love to give: letters, packages, crafted things, things you'd send to friends

Things to know about you: wife, active, goof, creative, Christian, I've had many penpals over my life, I am a loyal friend and will faithfully respond to things sent

Do you want to also be penpals? sure

Will you ship oversees? rather not too much, right now hubby is unemployed and overseas shipping is a bit much right now

Contact: princess.ambi at

Any other comments: I don't want someone that will claim to send stuff but turn out to be to lazy (already experienced that). I'm looking for a new mail friend or two. If you're going to be lazy, save us both some time. Be real, I'm serious about a mail friendship, I'll send letters and/or packages as long as you'll do the same.
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